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Our new shop is 4808 S. 26th st., Omaha NE 68107

We have officially become a South Omaha Business.  We will be moving into the Axle and Gear Repair/ C and H truck sales building which was at one time a  Sapp Brother's Building.  During WWII there was a semi-truck that was air dropped into the war that had it's axle straightened out in our space!

If you are coming to our shop you need to proceed from L street as if you were getting back on the highway but there is a 27th street road you take on the right half way down the hill.  You can't see it from the top of the hill but it's there.

We are excited to have a South Omaha location and now we are an official S.O.B. (in this case South Omaha Business.)

We are happy to share the building with Todd and Toni Santoro's business Clean Wash Laundry Systems.  They are great folks and we drafted them into the South Omaha Business Association which they were happy to join.  They want to be a really supportive part of the community.  They are supporting us in many ways!

The old sign soon to be replaced
We have enough space to paint a 53' construction trailer indoors! With room to spare!! And we have.
We are working on a new sign that will look like this