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Mike Girón was born in New Orleans, 1970. He has featured in solo and group exhibitions, created public artworks and, at one time, even painted mardi gras parade floats. As a professor, he has influenced many artists, and has been curator of socially-conscious art exhibits. His chosen media include oil painting, murals, traditional and digital printmaking, and design. He was recently nominated for Best Public Art in Omaha and Best 2 person Art Show in Omaha for his show at the Nebraska Arts Council Gallery. Mike graduated with a degree in Art from the University of New Orleans in 1993. He received his MFA in Fine Art from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1997. He was the designer and lead artist on the mural about South Omaha created for the Metropolitan Community College in 2014 which 3300 square feet and took 3 months to complete.  He was also lead artist on the Magic City Mural and the Sieninis Paveikslas.

His work can be seen at