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We owe so much to so many!
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We have had hundreds of people join us in creating our murals, both in terms of meeting with us for story telling and sharing of values and designing how to express those ideas but also by picking up brushes and paint pots.  We have had many students and apprentices join us for the whole term of a mural and we have folks who pick up a brush for 5 minutes and are off on their way.  We love the collaboration either way!

We have been fortunate to have been mentored by folks like David Catalan, Susan Koenig, Eddith Buis and others who have been more than generous with their time and resources in guiding our way!

A Midsummer's Mural would not exist if not for the initial encouragement and continual guidance of Floyd Harrison, who I try to use as my model in life.   -Richard Harrison

Thanks again to organizations that have sponsored us in the past such as those on the left as well as Spartan Nash, and Urban Village.