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Jeremiah Neal

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Jeremiah Neal is from Muskegon Heights, Michigan, and attended college there.  He is currently helping with supervision at Siena-Francis House’s “Finding a Voice” program, He mentored with art educator Eddith Buis. Jeremiah was in the United States Air Force from 1976-79, and a Medic at Mercy Hospital in Michigan, 19880-89. He has exhibited at Siena-Francis House and the Scott Center (2009), a 1-man show at Hot Shops Art Center, (2010), a group show at Michael Phipps Gallery, (the “Luigi Waites Tribute”) and a 2-man exhibit at the Phipps Gallery, both in 2011.  He has completed murals at Siena-Francis House, outdoors, the KROC Center, and the Silverstone Group, and two murals for the American National bank on 90th and Dodge in Omaha.  He is an invaluable member of A Midsummer's Mural company team and was especially valuable on the Supermercado murals and the VFW mural. He believes;  “I feel it’s in my DNA to contribute to society at this point of my life; to continue painting and writing to help others to see life as the adventure it is.”

Jeremiah is a studio artist who enjoys painting custom canvas portraits and other canvas works. Contact:

news about his flag mural

news about his Tree of Giving mural

video about Jeremiah

The concept of the Legacy Challenge Mural

When boxing great, Muhammad Ali, made the declaration " I am the greatest" the world in most parts thought that he was being braggadocios.  I believe (as most do now) that he was stating a fact that the world eventually caught up to.  I believe he was divinely given insight into the realm of boxing and simply realized his position.  It is in this very same light that I (Jeremiah Neal) have received the divinely given inspiration to design "The World's Greatest Concept Mural" and I expect to be viewed with skepticism as well- at first- but time will vindicate me just as it did Ali.

My first name, Jeremiah, means "God Exalts" and my last name, Neal, means "Champion."  Put them together and you get my mural and my mission: to exalt champions.

The concept of the Legacy Challenge Mural is this: to give every school, town, state, etc. the opportunity to honor their heroes, post them, compare and share them.  It's like Mount Rushmore and the Hollywood Walk of Fame- combined with the Sports Hall of fame- each school or area votes and heroes are to be added as that area sees fit.

Who's next?

Below are photos of a mural Jeremiah painted on billboard vinyl that is looking for a home.  It is about people of note who were either born in Omaha or who did great things in Omaha.  It is intentionally composed with open space to allow for more images as time goes by to encourage others to be the best that they can be.   Jeremiah will have Heartland Scenic studio fasten the mural to the chosen wall as they have done with other murals he has painted.

Jeremiah is now working on a mural for Muskegon Heights that will be their Legacy Challenge Mural!