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Gary Kastrick our key research consultant and South Omaha historian.  Gary had a vision for painting 10 community murals that tell the stories of the different immigrant groups that have most shaped the culture of South Omaha.  A project we call the South Omaha Mural Project . Gary's historical bus tours through South Omaha will utilize the beautiful murals to educate people on the diversity of ethnic groups that settled in the area over time. The murals will give color and visual narrative to the heritage and culture of these groups, preserving their role within the history of the community, even as some groups move out of the neighborhood.

Gary is a much loved former history teacher from South High School.  He is collecting memorabilia and recording stories to eventually open a museum of South omaha history.  If you want to help him in that vision please contact him at

Gary is a constant help on the murals from the first meetings until the last celebrations, he even helps us paint!