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Dr. Emily B. Harrison

In addition to her scientific resume Emily has worked on many of our glass paintings and murals and enjoys creating her own artwork.  She is engaged in creating art that intersects with her scientific research.  In the laboratory she has been complemented by her peers for her unique methods of creating microographs of immunofluorescencent staining.  Here is her resume:

Postdoctoral Researcher                              Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3290                                       

Eshelman School of Pharmacy                     University of North Carolina          (402) 980-2288


2016                             Ph.D.            University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE

2011                             B.S.                University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE (Summa cum laude)


2016-Present             Postdoctoral Researcher

Carolina Cancer Nanotechnology T32 Training Program

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

                                      Advisors: Dr. Leaf Huang and Dr. Chad Pecot

                                      Project:  Delivery of therapeutic miRNA to treat lung cancer using nanotechnology.


2011-2016                  Graduate Research Assistant

                                      University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE

                                      Advisor: Dr. Howard Fox

Project:  Characterized expression and function of miRNAs in neural development and injury.

Accomplishments:  Published a manuscript characterizing changes in extracellular vesicle associated miRNAs after TBI. Identified novel functions of miRNA in traumatic brain injury and characterized the chronic phenotype of TBI in mice in work currently being prepared for publication. Contributed to a manuscript on the role of miR-1290 in neuronal differentiation. Presented work at 3 national and 2 local conferences.


2007-2011                  Undergraduate Research Assistant

                                      University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE

                                      Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey French

                                      Project:  Identified genetic variants of the oxytocin gene in new world primates

Accomplishments:  Contributed to a manuscript on genetic variation in the oxytocin gene and receptor in new world primates.


2010-2011                  Undergraduate Research Assistant

University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE

                                      Advisor: Dr. Mark Swanson

Project:  Identified genes involved in surviving amino acid starvation in yeast

Accomplishments:  Identified novel post-transcriptional regulators of amino acid starvation pathways through haploinsufficiency screening and cell spotting assays. Awarded the Outstanding Undergraduate Research in Biology award at local poster presentation.


2009                             Summer Research Intern

University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE

                                      Advisor: Dr. Howard Fox

Project:  Utilized RNAi to knock down genes essential for autophagy in a human neuronal cell line for study of autophagy in neuroinflammation. Work presented at local conference.



Harrison, E. B., Hochfelder, C., Lamberty, B., Morsey, B., Kelso, M., Fox, H. S., Yelamanchili, S.V. Traumatic brain injury increases levels of miRNA-21 in CNS extracellular vesicles, implications for neuroinflammation and neuronal injury. (2016). FEBS open bio. doi:10.1002/2211-5463.12092.PMCID: PMC4971839

Ren, D. R., Lu, G. Q., Moriyama, H., Harrison, E. B., French, J. A. Genetic diversity in oxytocin ligands and receptors in new world monkeys (Primates: Platyrrhini). (2015) PLoS ONE 10(5):e0125775. PMCID:PMC4418824

Yelamanchili, S. V., Morsey, B., Harrison, E. B., Rennard, D. A., Emanuel, K., Thapa, I., Bastola, D. R., and Fox, H. The evolutionary young miR-1290 favors mitotic exit and differentiation of human neural progenitors cells through altering the cell cycle proteins. (2014) Cell Death Dis 5: e982. PMCID: PMC4040694


Haney, M. J., Zhao, Y., Harrison, E. B., Mahajan, V., Ahmed, S., He, Z., Suresh, P., Klyachko, N. L., Mosley, R. L., Gendelman, H. E., Kabanov, A. V., Batrakova, E. V. Specific transfection of inflamed brain by macrophages: a new therapeutic strategy for neurodegenerative diseases. (2013) PLoS ONE 8(4): e61852. PMCID: PMC3631190