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amidsummersmural / Who We Are / Daniel Castaneda (Sedra)
“Obserbador Universal “, “The Universal Observer” Bancroft Street Marker. Omaha NE.

Daniel Castaneda

Artist muralist & artisan. Born in Mexico. DF 1984. I have been painting since I was a child. From an early age, since I have memory. When I was 16, I started doing graffiti. Through graffiti I learned my own style and got my artist name as Sedra D’. I love the nature and the diversity of cultures.

Mediums and skills.

Spray paint(graffiti) water colors, acrylics, charcoals, carving and sculpting, jeweler and craftsman.


2013 High School Wesleyan University Lincoln

2016 BSD. Prototyping, Metro Community College. Omaha Ne.


2010 April, 22nd “God in the clouds” Bosques del Lago Mex.Edo.

2011 Aug, 27th “Cedra Univers” ” Abstract Graffiti Contest. Bancroft Street Market Omaha Ne.

2011 Sep, 16th “Deportes Gol” 24th & F St Omaha Ne.

2012 Mar, 25th “Pancho Villa”. D’ Leon’s, Restaurant. Omaha Ne

2012 Aug, 25th “Jah Lion” Abstract Graffiti Contest .Second place. Bancroft Street Market, Omaha Ne.

2013 Jun,13th “San Luis” Restaurant 24th & M Omaha Ne.

2013 Aug, 25th “My Frog” Abstract Graffiti Contest. Bancroft Street Market Omaha Ne

2014 Oct,5th “Day & Night”, Vinton Street Creativity Festival, Omaha NE.

2015 Aug, 22nd “Sedra & Stephen” Won First place, Abstract Graffiti Contest, Bancroft Street Market. Omaha NE.

2016 Jul, 22nd “The Universal Observer”. Bancroft Street Marker. Omaha NE.

Art Shows & Galleries

2014 Oct 18th Raw Omaha NE

2015 “Collective Impact: A Collaborative Painting Project”, Carver Bank, Omaha, NE

2015 Feb, 15th “Brazil Carnival”, Body paint at House of Loom, Omaha NE.

2015 May 11th “Collaboration”, Deer Park Omaha NE.

2015 Jun, 27th “Our Hanger Speaks”, Cali Commons Galleries,8888885555 Omaha NE.

2015 Oct, 2 “Latino/Latin American Artists: Exhibition & Conversations”, Bancroft Street Market, Omaha, NE

2015 Oct, 30th “Dia de muertos”, Body paint at House of Loom, Omaha NE.

2016 Feb, 14th “Brazil Carnival” Body paint at House of Loom, Omaha NE.

2016 “SweetARTs”, RNG Gallery, Council Bluffs, IA

2016 Jun,11th “Larkin’s Parkin Pop Up Show”, Benson Omaha NE.

2016 Jul 16th “Loom Weaves” Body paint Jocelyn Museum Omaha NE.

2016 Jul 29th “Rhythm” House of Loom, Omaha NE,

Artist Statement:

Music, nature, cultures have been a part of my life since the day I was born. I have never taken a formal art class beyond high school art classes. I have been learning to create by developing it as a natural gift. From the essence of God, creation to my mind, from my mind to my hands, from my hands to the world.

Contac Info (402) 215-4684

Sedra worked full time on the Mexican Mural portion of our Plaza De La Raza project.