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I have been a long time admirer of the artwork of Anne Newman.  Her outstanding art work is very imaginative and interesting, and uses a great balance of spontaneity and control.   Her work is witty and often surreal, but shows she has a great eye for catching the beauty in nature.

In addition to enjoying her paintings I have had the pleasure of working with her on dozens of mural projects over many years now.  She is very skilled at taking my instructions of how to paint and following them extremely well.  It is usually difficult to communicate the visual effects I want to the people who are assisting me because art can be very complex and subtle, there are always lots of room for misunderstanding, but not with Anne.  She has always been very able to take a few words of instruction and run with them in just the direction I intended her to.  Her enthusiasm always helps with whatever we are doing even if it is the mundane preparations and clean ups that come with any project.  When she has a chance to improvise on our collaborations she always adds a lot of personality to her work.

Richard Harrison