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Omaha World Herald reported on a collection of Omaha Murals (some of them ours) here

Omaha World Herald announced our Nebraska Mural Community Paint Day here.  

Chanel 7 had this report on the Nebraska Mural community paint day

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WOWT news covered our  Croatian Mural Completion Ceremony HERE.  Channels 3 and 7 also covered the event.

The Omaha World Herald wrote about the Croatian Mural Completion Ceremony HERE

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Omaha World Herald Two down, eight to go as murals spring from South Omaha melting pot 3/23/2016

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Logan Christian Church Mural

When we started the mural process, we gave Richard an idea of what we wanted and he came back with a computer design. We made some changes and he came back with another design. We went back and forth several times and we ended up with a design that was just what we wanted. The main comment I hear from people who look at the mural is: 'It looks just like the design on the computer'. And it does. It is awesome. Working with Richard was a pleasure from start to finish. He did exactly what he said he was going to do, when he said he was going to do it, and it cost exactly what he said it would cost. We are looking forward to having him do other murals on the inside and outside of our church. Thanks Richard!

Kelly Hutson, Logan Christian Church

A Midsummer Mural

A Midsummers Mural and Richard Harrison are a delight to work with. He has done several murals for our home including a full kitchen mural, full wall mural, a canvas mounted mural (over a textured wall). If you enjoy waking up to a beautiful sunrise everyday, consider your ceiling. Let it snow, we woke up to a sunrise every day! Richard worked hard with us to achieve our unique vision for our home, and by muraling we saved hundreds of dollars on costly artwork for large oversize walls. He has an easy going style and pleasant demeaner that makes it fun. His unique understanding of color and light, dimension and feel add depth and warmth, or maybe whimsy, to your home, or business. Many of our friends have had him in their homes and businesses and each one has become a unique expression of them. Each job he did for us was done quickly and cleanly, too. So no worries there, like can happen with others. We have never been disappointed with the work that Richard has done for us.

-Brooke Blue

reviews on my Linked in Profile page

Adrian Alvarez

Strategic Global Account Director

Richard is an incredibly talented artist. He is able to take your ideas/vision, and translate them into master pieces. We have had 3 murals painted in our home. Strongly recommend Richard for any residential, corporate, or commercial work. Additionally, Richard is extremely trust worthy, and a good man.

August 31, 2012, Adrian was Richard's client

Scott Mingus

Scott Mingus

President - LifeCare Associates

Richard is one of the most talented and creative artists that you will find in Nebraska. We hired him to paint murals in the newly finished entertainment area of our home. The design was wonderful and finished product beyond our expectations! Most look at the murals and think it is and actual piece of art hanging on the wall and are shocked when they get close only to find...more

May 18, 2011, Scott was Richard's client