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Although the term stained glass is misleading in our work we like to think that we simulate it pretty well.  We use Vitrail Stain Glass Paint and self adhesive ledding strips to do the work.  The material is manufactured in France by Pebeo and has been used by artists all over the world for 35 years.  We researched longevity of the product by calling all kinds of artists who have been using it for a long time and found that the colors stand up to the test of time quite well.  In some ways we think our technique allows for more controll of the image than true stain glass.  In any case where real stain glass proves out of the budget we may be a good alternative. We did the windows at St. Andrew's United Methodist Church and the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit at Lakeside Hospital using this technique and recently we have incorporated them into our murals when there is a pesky window that we wish were part of the canvas, such as in the Lithuanian mural.  Our newest project was at Bergan Mercy.  Read about that in our recent blog post.