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We have painted in about a dozen churches in Omaha, as well as St.Paul Theological Seminary in Kansas City.  It is always an honor to have the opportunity to share images of faith.

We also do a lot of painted glass windows that evoke stained glass.  You can see more about that here.

A set of murals upstairs in Faith-Westwood in Omaha were from the Old Testament and can be seen here with some explanations of what they were about.  Renovations unfortunately replaced them.

Faith Westwood has a child care in the basement and there we painted murals with the idea that modern day kids got to go through a time machine to visit many scenes from the life of Jesus!

in 2014 we installed a printed image and a painted canvas image onto the altar wall of the new Sisters of Saint Clare sanctuary. We didn't create the images but we were proud to have mastered installation techniques enough to serve other artists.  The rest of the works below were created exclusively by our team under direction of Richard Harrison.  If your church has a resident artist working in small scale that you would like to mount on a larger scale like this we can accomplish that through our printing associates.