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amidsummersmural / South Omaha Mural Project

the Nebraska Mural Project

We enjoyed painting a mural about the Sesquicentenial of Nebraska and it's historic connection to South Omaha!

The Croatian Mural Completion Celebration

The Croatian mural is Complete! Find out about it here!

Here is a link to our recent press coverage:

learn about our 

Bohemian and Czech Mural

which is at 13th and William on the back of the Konig Dune Law Firm which by all accounts is not in South Omaha except that most of the people there worked in South Omaha.

(we hope to do a Czech Mural in the boundaries of South Omaha proper someday.)

Recently we found three published articles that reinforce why what we do is important to Omaha:

Last year Philadelphia had 15,000 visitors who came there because of the mural movement that was started there a few decades ago, and Omaha is in line to achieve that kind of artistic tourism. For example, In Expedia’s travel blog, The Viewfinder (February 15, 2017) Omaha was ranked one of America’s “most artistic towns,” and the article noted its murals as one of its assets.  The article highlights how tourists should choose Omaha for exploring art.  And South 24th street (where we have created murals) was recently named one the 5 top streets in the country by the American Planning Association.

The South Omaha Mural Project

is a series of ten community-based murals depicting the culture, history, and ethnic heritage of groups that settled in South Omaha neighborhoods. Already completed murals include the South Omaha themed Magic City at 24th & N streets and the Lithuanian-themed,"Sieninis Paveikslas," on the Lithuanain Bakery at 5217 S 33rd Ave., the Mexican themed "Del Futuro Al Pasado" on the El Mercado Building at 4907 s. 25th st. and the Polish Themed "Nostrovia" on Dinker's bar at 2368 S. 29th St.

The vision that was dreamed up by Gary Kastric and mentored by David Catalan is on going.

The Irish and Croatian murals are the next parts of the the vision as well as another three murals to complete the Plaza De La Raza  series that will share the stories of people of Salvadoran, Guatemalan, and Honduran heritage living in South Omaha. Each would be located on the other 3 walls that border the Plaza de la Raza where the Mexican mural was painted.
Each mural we do is designed through a process of four community meetings and four design work meetings, that include discussion and artistic exercises concerning the identity, culture, and heritage of the particular community we are working with for that neighborhood of South Omaha. Once the designs are completed, the the artists will prepare the walls for community paint days.  When the murals are completed live music and food commemorate the work of the artists and community members.  In the years to come the murals will enhance the neighborhoods and create an overall appreciation for the unique history of South Omaha.  The murals are and will be a highlight on regular bus tours of the area that include commentary by the historian Gary Kastrick.

For Vinton lovers we have an idea for public art on Vinon Street- click here.

Next year we hope to paint murals about South Omaha baseball and softball history at Lynch park and on Werner Stadium and we hope to paint an Irish mural on Donohues bar and grill!  Stay tuned!
The Polish Ceremony of breaking a chair at a wedding to predict the number of children the couple would have was reenacted at the mural celebration. Click the picture to see the video on facebook.