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amidsummersmural / Magic City

The Magic City- The Lead artist for this was Mike Giron with design assistance from Richard Harrison, Rebecca Van Ornam and Jair Rodriguez, and painted with assistance from a team of South Omaha youth.  We used Montana Gold Aerosol Paint, Nova Color and Sher-Clear, It was 18'x55'

The artists met many times with community members to shape the design of the mural to express area's unique culture as well as the area's past present and future.  The lead artists employed youth from the area who had experience with aerosol art, many of whom were on probation. Many of the young men who worked with us on this project have continued to help us with our projects for the community and other projects.  Rigo was recently chosen to be an apprentice on the Nebraska Mural.

All of the young men have gone to college or found good trade work and one of them expressed to us that the community art project on his resume helped him to get a full paid scholarship that was enormously important for him especially because the difficulty of finding assistance like that for students who are not full citizens.


The artists created 4'x8' stencils using machine cut plywood that allowed the images to be created through layers of spray paint.